This is an editorial featured in this month’s Miami Living Magazine. The photographer, one of my favorites, is Heather Talbert. The model is Nataliya Averina from Wilhelmina. Hair and makeup by me!

You’ll never know it in the photos, but we had a very limited amount of sunshine. Shortly after arriving to the location the clouds rolled in. The three of us got stuck in torrential rain, hiding in a coral archway for cover. We decided to meet very early the next day to finish as it was obvious the rain wasn’t going away.

That’s the funny thing about shooting outdoors. You get amazing light, but if it’s partially cloudy, etc., you’re at the mercy of those clouds. Suddenly there will be a sun break and everyone is scrambling to get the shot. I even jump in holding reflectors to help. In Miami we sometimes take of the ample amounts of sunlight for granted, but you never know. When it rains here it pours!